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ARD, Sky Germany and Beta Film join the team on BABYLON BERLIN



X Filme is proud to announce a path-breaking premiere in the German film and media landscape: For our high-end-quality-TV-series BABYLON BERLIN we will team up with ARD, Sky Germany and Beta Film as co-producers. This will be the first cooperation of this kind and scale between ARD and Sky and with Beta Film handling world sales.

Tom Tykwer as show runner, Hendrik Handloegten and Achim von Borries have, in association with Stefan Arndt, developed the concept for a major TV series for the global market as an adaptation of Kutscher's internationally bestselling books for X Filme Creative Pool.

Tom Tykwer and Stefan Arndt on the project:

Tom Tykwer: "Babylon Berlin is a large-scale police thriller rich in details and with multifaceted characters embedded in a historical context that reflects present-day Germany and Europe in a surprising way. Genre cinema, epic breadth and political evidence-gathering come together in a unique manner in this meticulously detailed and thrilling story. It's great that we have the chance to develop such a fascinating project in this innovative narrative form. I'm looking forward to many spectacular seasons!"

Stefan Arndt, CEO X Filme and producer: "Ever since they were published, the Gereon Rath novels were treated not only in the press as a topic that could make a great adaptation for a TV series. We are more than delighted to be able to begin, with our partners from ARD, Degeto and Sky, a new epoch of TV series production from Germany for the international market."


The representatives of ARD, Sky and Beta Films:

ARD Chairman Lutz Marmor on the joint venture with Sky: "In order to realize this costly and intricate project, we wanted to try out a new form of cooperation with Sky, which could also be a viable model for the future. I'm tremendously looking forward to the film adaptation of Babylon Berlin."

Gary Davey, Executive Vice President of Programming at Sky: "Babylon Berlin is another great milestone for Sky Deutschland. It is not only our first in-vestment in a major German production, but also the close cooperation with ARD, a media company with a great reputation all over Europe, is just as im-portant for us. The story is perfectly suited for our mission statement to offer our customers high-quality productions. It describes a very special place at a very special point in history. We are enthused about working with well re-nowned colleagues such as Stefan Arndt as a producer and Tom Tykwer as a director. Both will make sure that Babylon Berlin will be the perfect addition to our successful US series."

Jan Mojto, CEO Beta Film: "This concentration of financial means is a new way in Germany to realize high-intensity projects in a quality that is - although being shot in German - unlimitedly competitive around the world; for Beta Film as world sales agent certainly quite a challenge. However, 1920s Berlin is a setting that fascinates people around the world, and Tom Tykwer is the right person to capture this fascination in TV-images."


Kutscher's Babylon Berlin, centering on police inspector Gereon Rath investigating in 1920s Berlin, delivers an atmospheric portrayal of the most exciting city in the world, a hotbed of drugs and politics, murder and art, emancipation and extremism.

The story editors responsible for Babylon Berlin are Sascha Schwingel and Carolin Haasis (both ARD Degeto), Gebhard Henke (WDR) and Marcus Ammon (Sky Deutschland). As co-producer, Beta Film will be handling world sales.

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