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X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment GmbH



A Witch's Kiss (Küss Mich, Hexe)

A Witch
  • theatrical release 2005-04-23
  • director Diethart Küster
  • script Kerstin Höckel, Michael Wallner
  • producer Manuela Stehr
  • cast Christiane Paul, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Katja Riemann, Luca Zamperoni, Matthias Habich u.v.a.
  • production company X Filme Creative Pool GmbH in coproduction with SAT1
  • editorial Sat 1: Alicia Remirez, Kerstin Wiedé
  • dop Theo Angell
  • production design Anina Diener
  • costume design Bettina Helmi


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