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Life is too long (Das Leben ist zu Lang)

Life is too long
  • theatrical release 2010-08-26
  • website
  • director Dani Levy
  • script Dani Levy
  • producer Manuela Stehr
  • cast Markus Hering, Meret Becker, Veronica Ferres, Hans Hollmann, Udo Kier, Elke Sommer, Yvonne Catterfeld, Heino Ferch, Steffen Groth, Justus von Dohnanyi, Kurt Krömer, Gottfried John, Matthias Koeberlin u.v.a.

LIFE IS TOO LONG is the story of the Jewish film director ALFI SELIGER (50) living in Germany, who finds himself professionally and mentally at the abyss.
At least that is what he thinks.- HELENA, his clear-sighted wife, constantly tries to bring him back down to earth but Alfi\'s anxieties and dreams are as it seems just too big for this complicated world. Not less complicated is his in Paris living mother, LISELOTTE HERBST. She is an eccentric actress, who had her mediocre hey days in the 50s but lost it early on to alcohol. With accusations and diva attitudes she digs in his mind. Reasons for accusations have both. Several.

Alfi\'s pubescent children (ALAIN 13 and ROMY 10) are soon to be teenagers, which also makes Alfi melancholic. As self-confessed hypochondriac, Alfi finds himself always in close proximity to death and spends a lot of time at the doctor\'s. It is always about cancer, which he has not fallen ill of. Not really. But maybe he has.

Famous and popular became Alfi Seliger with his film success THE BLUE WONDER. His films before and after were either ignored or verbally destroyed. His next project is going to be a tragic comedy about the Mohammed-caricature.

At the party of the famous producer MIESBACH-BORONOWSKI he only just escapes the love-crazed advances of MIESBACH\'s wife NATASHA and then hurts himself when falling out of the bathroom window.
With crutches and his arm in a bandage Afli tries to be master of his situation again. The less than half-hearted attempt to work as a director on a soap, to at least earn some money fails immediately on the first day because he is too ambitious. Also the comfort-seeking flirt with soap star CARO WILL does not illuminate his life any further.
His therapist, the Persian MOHAMMED TABATABAI reacts to his crisis with cynical shrugging. He tries to talk Alfi out of doing the film. Of course without any success. The world needs truth, well- told stories and no popcorn - that is Alfi\'s mission. And that is what still pulls him together.

The producer MIESBACH-BORONWSKI wants to take him and Alfi to the next big sensational success. He wants to film the risky project with a German superstar in the lead role, although as RTL series. Alfi resists - he has not invested five years of his life to flog his delicate script to a TV show.



  • production company X Filme Creative Pool GmbH
  • co-production Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany
  • dop Carl-Friedrich Koschnick
  • production design Christian Eisele
  • costume design Lucie Bates
  • dvd release 2011-03-11
  • genre comedy
  • duration 83 min.
  • year of production 2010


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