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Absolute Giganten

Absolute Giganten
  • theatrical release 1999-09-30
  • director Sebastian Schipper
  • script Sebastian Schipper
  • producer Stefan Arndt, Tom Tykwer
  • cast Frank Giering, Florian Lukas, Antoine Monot Jr., Julia Hummer, Jochen Nickel, Albert Kitzl, Guido A. Schick, Silvana Bosi, Johannes Silberschneider, Barbara de Koy, Gustav-Peter Wöhler, Michael Siede, Hannes Hellmann, Peter Franke

In the port town of Hamburg, Germany, Floyd decides that he\'s shipping out to South Africa and Singapore now that his two-year probation for an unspecified juvenile offense has been completed. When he shares the news with his devoted friends Chubby, a mechanic, and Ricco, a fast-food cook and would-be b-boy, they can\'t comprehend their thoughtful friend\'s willingness to trade camaraderie for a wider view of the world. Overcoming their anger and bewilderment, the guys decide to spend one last night with Floyd, but the problem, as always, is how to find some fun. A succession of fast-food restaurants, parking garages, and local watering holes chronicles the inherent boredom of life in the provinces. But a run-in with a convention of dragster-racing Elvis impersonators sends the boys and their friend Telsa Julia Hummer on a series of adventures that veers from the farcical to the almost-tragic.


  • editorial NDR: Vera Kriegeskotte | ARTE: Andreas Schreitmüller
  • dop Frank Griebe
  • production design Andrea Kessler
  • costume design Bettina Klömpken


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