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4 Days in May (4 Tage im Mai)

4 Days in May
  • theatrical release 2011-10-03
  • festivals Festival del Film Locarno 2011
  • website
  • director Achim von Borries
  • script Achim von Borries
  • producer Stefan Arndt
  • cast Aleksei Guskov, Pavel Wenzel, Gertrud Roll, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Angelina Häntsch, Ivan Shvedoff, Andrey Merzlikin, Sergey Legostaev, Maksim Kovalevski, Jevgenij Sitochin, Vladimir Svirskiy, Merab Ninidze, Alexander Held, Martin Brambach u.a.

4 DAYS IN MAY tells the story of a Soviet captain and a
young 13-year-old German boy in the final days of WWII.
The two meet as enemies, but there is something that
unites them: the war has claimed the lives of both the captain\'s
son and the boy\'s father.
These four days in May, during which time the world holds
its breath; four days, which will change the 13-year-old for -
ever. The boy wants to be a soldier and prove himself a
hero, but instead, he ends up in the captivity of the captain
and his 7-man reconnaissance patrol. They take up their
observation post in the orphanage on the coast where the
young boy lives. Weary from fighting and in an attempt to
avoid any further conflict with German troops on a nearby
beach, the captain and his men are all waiting for an end of
the war - and start dreaming of life again. But the boy tries
to insti gate the hostile troops against each other. What he
doesn\'t sus pect, however, is that the real enemy comes
from an unexpected side: a Russian major, who has long
had it in for the captain. Now the war, which almost seem -
ed to finally be over, moves into the orphanage for one last
battle; one which turns brothers into enemies and enemies
into brothers.
The end of the war is the end of childhood. A film by
Achim von Borries, based on a true story.


  • production company X Filme Creative Pool
  • co-production ZAO Studio F.A.F., Russland
    LLC Aurora Production, Ukraine
    HR, Arte & NDR
  • co-producer Aleksei Guskov, Evgeni Chanin, Oleg Stepanenko, Achim von Borries
  • editorial Jörg Himstedt (HR), Birgit Kämper (Arte), Jeanette Würl (NDR)
  • dop Bernd Fischer
  • production design Agi Dawaachu
  • costume design Nicole Fischnaller
  • dvd release 2012-04-13
  • duration 93 min.
  • year of production 2011


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